De West, C-IAYT

Certified Yoga Therapist & Educator

De teaches public classes at Studio Be Yoga and has regular workshops and retreats.

About De West

De West, Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT


De West is the co-owner of Studio Be Yoga and the founder of The Quiet Monkey Practice®. Quiet Monkey is a movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind.

She has been enjoying the benefits of a devoted yoga practice since 1992. After teaching many intensive athletic-style practices, she discovered that her students seemed to get even more benefits from a quieter, deeply internal and therapeutic yoga practice.

Precision, creative sequencing and deep understanding of anatomy contribute to De’s passion for helping students create more peace, freedom in their bodies. Students leave De’s classes rejuvenated, grounded and infused with a sense of personal and physical empowerment.

De is a leader in the Boulder, Colorado yoga community. Her teaching combines principles from alignment-based movement and therapeutic yoga. Her years of work with Osteopathic doctors allow her to apply yoga to many different people and conditions.

The Quiet Monkey Website

Quiet Monkey Practice ®

The Quiet Monkey Practice® teaches us to work with the natural intelligence of our bodies through a series of gentle, focused and healing movements. This simple, profound approach calms the mind and relaxes the body, creating a safe space for us to build a foundation for creating change.

Quiet Monkey® is a yoga movement practice that allows people of all ages and abilities to experience a positive, relaxed and transforming experience in both body and mind.

The mission of Quiet Monkey® (QM) is to build a community of individuals with a common interest in deepening awareness within themselves and in relation to others through a movement practice. The hopeful outcome of the QM practice® will be a life of greater reflection, kindness and compassion.

The QM practice® and offerings are uniquely designed to be inclusive to all who are interested and open to possibility.

Why the Quiet Monkey®?

The practice is about understanding and quieting our busy “monkey mind.” The monkey lives inside us all — an expression of our pains, fears, and blockages that bounce around and distract us from what really matters. Quiet Monkey® poses, sequences, and breathing exercises are our guide to understanding ourselves in a state of well-being that permeates all areas of our lives.

Why is it a healing practice?

The practice allows for better function in the body and a deeper connection between mind, body and spirit. By correcting old patterns and releasing blockages that no longer serve us, we create greater awareness of our physical and emotional health.

Private Instruction Sessions

Work one-on-one with De to address specific issues and challenges


Rejuvenate with De West’s weekly and drop-in yoga classes

Prenatal & Postpartum

Yoga can be one of the best practices to cultivate for a healthy pregnancy and birth

Workshops & Events

Special opportunities to go deeper and live more joyously!


I take great care to support individualized and healthy yoga practices and encourage students to pay close attention to what is happening in the moment. My over 25 years of experience blends a unique style that is strong yet gentle, and adaptable to the needs of the diverse client population I serve. Regular referrals from physical therapists and medical practitioners underscore my reputation.

Day Class Description Location
Monday 9-10a All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
12-1p All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
Wednesday 9-10a All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
12-1p All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
Friday 9-10a All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
10:30-11:30a All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
Saturday 8:30-9:45a All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice®
Prenatal women welcome
Studio Be Yoga
10-11a Beginning Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga
Sunday 4-5p All Levels Quiet Monkey Practice® Studio Be Yoga

Living Your Brilliance Series

Each week we will focus on different aspect of ourselves creating a progressive foundation for internal strength and well-being. In week one we start working with our Body and then the following week we will focus on our Breath (prana), which greatly affects our communication with others and ourselves. On the 3rd week, we will explore how to befriend our own mind with all its dark secrets and constant dialog. In our last week, it’s about celebration. We will take delight in our brilliance and see how much Joy we can create.

I have asked 4 women in our tribe to come share some wisdom each session of our journey. They are experts in their field and this adds another layer of knowledge and connection.

Since I am at heart a yoga therapist and educator, I can’t help but give you weekly practices to support you between our times together. This will include gentle poses and simple breathing practices that you can do at home between our gatherings.

Four Sunday’s at Studio Be Yoga
February 26-March 19th

Don’t wait to reserve your space! This series is sure to sell out and registration is limited to 25 women.

Email De to reserve your space:

Beginner’s Yoga Retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado

March 31–April 2, 2017
Tuition $150 + 2 nights

New to yoga? Discover rest and relaxation in a pristine natural environment while invigorating and restoring your body and mind in lively beginner’s yoga classes. Learn foundational yoga poses, sequences, and the principles of good alignment and breathing. Expand your range of motion and build strength and confidence in a gentle and supportive class setting. Includes a free yoga mat so you can continue to experience the benefits of yoga when you return home.

This spacious retreat allows time to walk the land, visit the Great Stupa, or follow the spontaneous callings of your spirit. Meet other participants over tasty meals. Join in part or for all of the scheduled activities: yoga, meditation (with instruction), and a tour of the Great Stupa. Great for friends, couples, or individuals.

Program Details

Registration takes place from 2– 5 pm on your program start date. All participants and volunteer staff must check in at our Guest Registration house. Please arrive before 5 pm to check in and settle into your accommodations. Your program begins with dinner, followed by an orientation. The Guest Registration house closes at 5 pm after which no one is available to provide information or orient you to your accommodations. All programs usually end at 12:30 pm on the program’s departure date, followed by lunch. Further specifics regarding your program’s schedule will be available upon arrival. If applicable, you will receive an email from the program coordinator in the week prior to your program with any additional information you may need.

Beginner’s Yoga


One-hour private in office: $95

One-hour private in your home or office: $110

or more depending on location

Classes vary by location and package


  • “De, your class today I will put on the top of my list of best yoga experiences of all time. This is because your focus of the class curriculum was the perfect prescription for what ails me and will take me to my next level of integration. Your delivery, timing, soft playful energy, laser spot on observation of the whole, and yet also taking in the specific, made your class stellar!”

    Rhonda Kimble
  • “De West’s wisdom along with her gentle nature, her personal experience and years of training, combine to make her one of the most skillful yoga teachers I have ever taken a class with.”

    Amy DelaTerre
  • “De West has been the most important influence in bringing the yoga into my life. Physically, the yoga has prepared me beyond what I could have ever dreamed. It is truly the most important skill that I bring to my healing process.”

    Ken Finkel
  • “Buoyancy, radiance and reconciliation—what a delicious and useful time we spent with you! Today, on the bike, I had legs of a teenager and roared up Four Mile Canyon as if with jets in my quads. In your kind, yet penetrating way, you saw right into my issue. Thanks and thanks again.”


De West


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